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The Phoenix Force here doesn't even have a profile. I will provide some scans reguarding Phoenix and its powers and some recent feats:. I'm guessing that the Avatars generally don't reach such high levels, and that 4-B is more consistent. I don't think that the normal Phoenix Avatars are as powerful as the full force, with the exception of White Phoenix of the Crown.

The thing is that if Phoenix Thane can depower like nothing, a being like Thanos who is 4B then he should be way more powerful than him to do it. Phoenix Cyclops was defeated by God Doom but regardless he managed to hurt a 1B being. That should speak volumes. Peter "Quicksilver" Maximoff wrote: You make good points in your post, i should've brung this up a lonng time ago Matthew Schroeder wrote: I don't think that the normal Phoenix Avatars are as powerful as the full force, with the exception of White Phoenix of the Crown.

meggan respect thread

White Phoenix of the Crown I believe is the most powerful and special Phoenix Avatar because its not just an Avatar but is one with the Force itself. I understand that there is confusing about the Force since its used by various Avatars in the Multiverse. I believe Phoenix Force to be a fraction. Its similar with Eternity and Multi-Eternity. I get what you mean about the fight with God Doom although we have seen a lot more stupid things in the comics Rechel Grey's and Necrom fight?

Or what about the Force itself? Also Jean or Rechel alone can go toe to toe with Thor. Shouldn't Phoenix Force a Cosmic being put them way beyond?

It powers hosts in the Multiverse Rachel's statement suggests 3A. In what if stories Dark Phoenix has destroyed the Universe. Dark Phoenix Cyclops statement? Many Avatars may have poor feats but that doesn't mean their full power is 4B.

I believe Unknown would be a better choice or At least 4B or something For those I spoke above. Jean Grey repaired the M'Kraan Crystal, but I do not remember if its collapse would have destroyed the universe or the multiverse. Thanks for the answer. I believe the the wiki should have a seperate profile for the Force saying this. I would like to ask from where Multi-Eternity and other Multi versions scale from.Forgive me if this is a topic that has been discussed before, but a friend wanted me to bring this up.

High 1-B Hadou. Every plane of reality has always been treated as High 1-B due to Composite Hierarchies. Of course, this would make sense, seeing as Death fears Phoenix. This wouldn't like scale to the Avatars, though. Think of it like Mikaboshi or the Speed Force users. You get what I'm saying. The reason I thought about saying possibly High 1-B was because every plane of reality for Multi-Eternity was treated as all of it's infinite dimensions, but other statements aid that as well.

Do with it what you shall. They imply higher dimensions in every plane of reality. We agreed with 2-A Not High 1-B for Phoenox. Albeit Phoenix in some iterations is High 1-B though.

The Marvel Multiverse has been shown repeatedly to contain infinite dimensions. Death also fears the Phoenix Force. It's gonna be a while before he makes any revisions involving any Marvel character.

If PF gets High 1-B. That implies. Quite a few i can name off the top of my head receiving similar rating of " 2-A, possibly High 1-B ". I have the scans on me. Hyperstorm: Can destroy the Fantastic Four from every plane of reality.

Resisted against the Dimensional Void which was beyond every plane of reality based on the need to use a device to reach them. Keep in mind they were able tp access every plane of reality.

Based on the scan i have, Hyperstorm is implied to have made all heroes and the superhumans vanish from every plane of reality. No UN or anything, just via his own powers, especially considering the " You are all destroyed by Hyperstorm ". Gained his powers from Merlynso Otherworld Roma and Otherworld Merlyn scale, and are even comparable to that Phoenix who has an "every plane of reality" statement.

This is very important for later. Effortlessly owned Roma, who in the previous showing scales to such high-ends, by being easily above Captain Britain who stalemated the same version of Phoenix that has a High 1-B feat. A small portion of the Chaos Wave she made owned a amped Meggan who had the powers of Otherworld [ Pan-Dimensional Realm that connects to all planes of reality ]Matrix [ Connects to all planes of reality ]and Beyond [Pan-Dimensional Realm].

Superior to Hyperstorm when heavily weakened in that issue and no where near his full potential at his supposed full power [ Basically a weakened Franklin is superior to Hyperstormwho even at full power is no where near his full potential, which he unlocks later when Adult Franklin trains him I mean, the question and whatnot has been answered, the revision is just being awaited.

But whenever Matthew wants to. Close it if you feel the need to. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.A lot funnier than I thought it would be. Thor is a Marvel flagship and one of the most powerful. Here I shall be delving into Thor, his powers, and Mjolnir, all which attribute to his tremendous skill set. So let us begin the thread! His MCU counter-part is much weaker. He often uses Mjolnir to assist him in battle so many of his feats are with the aid of that however he has also achieved some absolutely mind-blowing feats solo.

Mjolnir was granted mystical energies by Odin himself and has been shown to be able to survive being in extreme environments such as the heart of the sun itself and energy blasts that could have destroyed an entire galaxy. While using Mjolnir however, he has far more feats, which I cannot possible list all of.

Classic Thor is shown to destroy an entire planet with a single blow!

The likes of which are shown in order below:. Thor has been shown to be immune to all human diseases as well as its poisons and toxins. He has also sat in the core of the Sun, and he is immune to temperature extremes. He does not require air, and has been able to withstand planet-shattering attacks, he also withstood the weight of a score of planets, and much more. Shown below:. Now, moving onto a few other fields.

Thor, although a planet-buster level, is also remarkably fast and agile. He has superhuman speed, senses, reflexes, and agility. He can also hear cries from the other side of the planet. His speed and the other field of achievements however, are of much greater quantity. Thor has sensed and dodged a mental-blast from Phoenix, outmaneuvered an attack from the super-sonic-fast Silver Surfer.

It also is a common misconception that Thor and the other Gods of Asgard are truly immortal. Thor and the other members of his race do age but at a rate so slow that to other beings they give the appearance of immortality. Thor has been stated to be thousands of years old which makes his life span incomparable to that of the human beings which he protects. When the Asgardians consume the Golden Apples that are cultivated by the goddess Idunn, they are able to maintain themselves in their physical prime.

Now we get to weather control.After reading this blog and looking over soem saved feats In fact, they are so inconsistent i am going to use this blog as a means to prove they are. Yeah the inconsistencies are THAT bad And i tend to prove it. I'm not as blind to say that only FR has such variability I will prove, while still going in the direction of this being a respect thread for Franklin, that many marvel Characters have such inconsistency.

Hello everyone. This is Seed here. During the entirety of Hickman's Runand Daydreamers, Child Franklin and Adult Franklin alike both were given a level of power they never could conceive of formerly.

I mean, him being Low 2-C via Universal Shaper was originally fine. It was a method of classification, not a method of determining where you cap at in power, and was never mentioned as such. Sorry if this took so long to do. Also, this si to help Matthew Schroeder and Antvasima with their revisions, and i will be constantly assisting them with such from this time forward, unless they do not want me to.

meggan respect thread

We also need to take into consideration that he doesn't scale in the same way as he does currently, as this was before a set established hierarchy with a top dog was made.

We know canonically that Otherworld Merlyn is much much stronger than his previous incarnation, due to many statements, such as this one. We also know all of existence [ Including the Higher-Evolutionaries ] are nothing but a board game.

Considering the whole " All of existence is nothing but a chess board game to me " type deal. However, they do refer to Multi-Eternity as a being well beyond their own power, so in the non-canon variation, the Multi-Abstracts are likely much stronger than they are canonically.

Due to thiswe can safetly assume he was deemed as much stronger than the formerly stated beings. So, this would upgrade non-canon Oblivion not the one seen on the profile, the non-canon variation to High 1-A.

Why is this? So i placed " Possibly High 1-A " for this reason. And if you remember what his limiters were, this would absolutely shock you.

meggan respect thread

This still means Child Franklin is on a completely different level than Hyperstorm.As a young child, Meggan was thought to be a wolf girl. However, thanks to her mutant shape changing power, she had simply grown fur because she was cold.

As rumors escalated amongst the other Romani about the monstrous child in her father William's caravan, Meggan subconsciously began to manifest the attributes they speculated she had, such as fangs and bat wings. Because of this, her parents kept her isolated, and she was allowed to venture out only at night, with only television during the day as a link to the outside world. Because of this sheltered life and lack of education, Meggan was functionally illiterate. However, the reality warping mutant Mad Jim Jaspers altered Britain.

All superpowered beings were locked into camps; the Romani's caravans were raided, and both Meggan and William were taken into custody. Placed in a concentration camp, Meggan was separated from her family. She hoped the famous hero Captain Britain would save her. Jaspers was defeated and reality corrected itself for the most part, but though her memories of her imprisonment were hazy, Meggan was still aware that things had changed. Meggan stayed in an derelict warehouse where she was befriended by Josie and Micky Scott, two teenagers from a nearby council estate.

The full moon would affect Meggan at this time, making the kids think she was some type of werebeast. Running into Captain Britain in this form, she battled him, but during the fight Mickey was accidentally killed by falling debris. Meggan fled the scene in anguish. About a week later, after Micky's funeral, Captain Britain visited the Scott family to apologize for his part in Micky's death.

While he was there, Meggan, who had been watching the family from a distance, also struck up the courage to do the same. Taking pity on her, Brian offered Meggan to be his house-guest at Braddock Manor. When they arrived, Psylocke 's friend Alison Double sensed that Meggan was "beautiful and radiant".

However, Meggan said she had always been in her monstrous form, and did not realize at the time she could alter it. However, when dealing with the WarpiesMeggan transformed herself while battling the Cherubim Whirlwindturning into a tall, blonde woman who matched Brian's idea of beauty.

Brian fell for her, and the two adventured around the world while the Manor was filled with Warpies under the care of Betsy. Meggan began to improve her control of her powers by mimicking animals she saw.

In Russia the witch Baba Yaga attacked them, but Meggan used the power of nature and magic to defeat her. Returning to the U. Defeating those threats, the five of them soon formed the team Excaliburand based themselves in the Lighthouse. Constantly subconsciously modifying her form and behavior to match the empathic needs of those around her, Meggan still wondered which form was the 'real' Meggan. During the demonic invasion of New York City known as Inferno, Meggan was overcome by the demonic influences around her and altered herself into a demon-like form, calling herself the Goblin Princess.This is going to be a two part respect thread for Odin the All Father hopefully you enjoy until next time.

Odin was born ages ago as a member of the race of God's who would one day be called asgardians. Although the precise circumstances of his birth are lost in antiquity, Odin is believed to be the son of buri one of the first great asgardians and bestia a frost giantess Odin's parents produced two other sons as well ViI and Ve The three brothers eventually assumed leadership of the fledging tribe of God's and helped them establish themselves in the dimension now known as Asgard.

As ages passed and the gods rose and fell and rose again stronger than before. Odin gradually achieved ascendancy within the tribe.

Finally at the twilight of the last age, it was Odin who mystically redistributed the asgardians life force into their current physical incarnations. Having done so, Odin was given the name All-Father and has ruled Asgard as it's absolute sovereign ever since. In recent times Odin sacrificed his right eye to mimir the all knowing well of wisdom in order to learn how to thwart Ragnarok.

Freezes time and transports the entire earth's population to different dimension and casts a spell that leaves them in a catatonic state. Two energy blasts between Odin and Seth causes a shockwave which ripples across every plane of reality.

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Mind rapes everyone in Asgard removing their memories and powers then giving them back after he wins this fight. After Odin's fight that destroyed galaxies stars and planets even damaging earth with the Odin force he repairs everything.

Someone, who writes comics stated that, he is only planetary level. But his feats are on galaxy level Learned a lot yet again :astonished: i didn't know Odin had a tribe. I thought he was like 1st asguardian or something. I thought he legit embodied "god" like he was the one and only Making it rain fire isn't that hard tbh, young Thor did it while on Gorr's planet where Thor's Granddaughters weren't even able to call lightning.

Ya I know but it's still a feat an okay one but still a feat part two will have his durability feats and other stuff. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. This is going to be a two part respect thread for Odin the All Father hopefully you enjoy until next time TeamDB8 R3SP3K Background knowledge: Odin was born ages ago as a member of the race of God's who would one day be called asgardians.

Likes Comments 8.August 16th,PM. Comic PDF. Mini PDF. Spoiler Alert! Meggan is considered to have the species, class, and personality of the chosen Hero instead of what is on this card. Roll the sided die.

Why the Phoenix Force and its Avatar's are underestimated here?

If you roll 13 or higher, for the rest of Meggan's turn you may use any special powers on the chosen figure's Army Card, except powers that can only be used once per round or game.

If the special power refers to the chosen figure or the chosen figure's card, it refers to Meggan or Meggan's card instead.

Last edited by dok; September 18th, at PM. Meggan is considered to have the species and class of the chosen Hero in addition to what is on this card. Roll the sided die, adding 8 to your roll if the chosen figure is a Mutant. If you roll 16 or higher, for this turn you may use any special powers on the chosen figure's Army Card. Honestly, I'm completely fine with the design as-is. Surprised to find out she's a Mutant, though - always assumed she was just a magical elf or something equally British.

Meggan Puceanu (Earth-616)

I guess my only niggle would be whether or not the "easier to Mimic when the figure is a Mutant" is really thematic or not. But I'm not experienced enough with the character to say either way. Visit now! Originally Posted by johnny I don't believe there has ever been any discussion that she has an easier time mimicing the powers of mutants, but she did it much more often.

I also figured that making it harder to mimic others would reduce the number of builds we would have to really worry about in testing. Since it's only a boost here, though, I'm not sure how much that applies. C3G can be played with official Heroscape, but it's not recommended.

Well you know I like it! I really love where this design is at. A couple thoughts: 1 Tricky doesn't feel quite right for her personality to me; my first thought would be to do something like "Unstable" or "Adaptable". Seems like it should thematically, and I can't think of any serious balance issues if it did I mean, you could pair her with Red Skull so she could use the cube, but due to her stats being lower then Red Skull's I don't see that as a big deal.

Enjoy App Games? Try A Day in the Life of Atlas! Originally Posted by IAmBatman. Originally Posted by Viegon. Tricky doesn't feel quite right for her personality to me; my first thought would be to do something like "Unstable" or "Adaptable".

Could we have Empathic Metamorph also change her personality? Originally Posted by dok. It was a great idea that really brought this concept to the next level and now I just have to convince you of your own brilliance.

meggan respect thread

August 17th,AM.

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